• Experts in
    Child Development
    and Behaviour
  • Quality & Affordable
    Child Assessment
    Exploring abilities
  • Working closely
    With Families
    Providing professional advice
    Professional Advice for Children and Families - Slide Image
  • Identifying
    Learning Potential
    Providing Comprehensive Assessments
  • Social & Friendship Difficulties?
    Social Skills
    Training & Development
    Child Social Skills and Training Development - Slide Image
  • Assisting Adolescents & Young Adults
    Emotional Well Being
    Providing evidence based therapies
    Building Social and Emotional Skills for Teenagers - Slide Image
  • Individualised therapy
    Parent Training
    Support & Guidance
    Child Psychology Parent Training - Slide Image
  • Delivering successful
    Group Programs
    Empowering confidence
    Group Programs for Empowering Child's Confidence - Slide Image
  • Working With You
    For You
    and By Your Side

AzzA’s Child Psychology Clinic (ACPC)

AzzA's Clinic is affiliated with the following agencies..

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