Individual & Family Therapy

Following clinical assessment, intervention may be recommended and provided by one of our team members either individually (i.e. with the child or adolescent), in combination with parent training or through the provision of family therapy.

Individual therapy sessions with a child entails meeting initially with the parents to discuss concerns, followed by working one-on-one with the child to commence therapy and target such concerns. We ensure that parents are involved in individual therapy sessions and inform parents at the end of each session about the skills being taught and strategies that can implemented in the home envrionment in order to assist their children.

Individual therapy sessions with an adolescent also entails meeting initially with the parents alone or with the adolescent to discuss concerns. This is often followed by conducting further sessions with the adolescent only. This is because they have the ability to independently learn the skills discussed in session and apply strategies to manage their concerns. It is also because they are more likely to engage in private and confidential therapy.

Family-based therapy sessions entail working with your child or adolescent and your family in the aim of addressing the concerns that you may have. Depending on each case, it may involve a parent and their child/ adolescent, both parents and their child/ adolescent or both parents with their children, all in the aim of addressing the concerns in the home envrionment.

At Azza's clinic, we assist individuals and their families whether they may be young children, school aged children, adolescents, parents or families. The following sections include some of the presentations that our clinic may assist with:

It's never too early to address any issues, even if you seek a professional opinion. At Azza's clinic, we assist young children and their parents with a range of issues, which may include:

  • Developing a 'secure attachment' with a child
  • Toilet training guidance
  • Feeding difficulties
  • Sleeping issues
  • Education regarding child's development (i.e. emotional, behaviour etc.)
  • Education and training regarding dealing with challenging young child
  • Assistance in behavioural management
  • Counselling parents when finding parenting challenging
  • Screening parent's mental health (i.e. depression, anxiety) and providing support
  • Teaching appropriate responding to child's elevated emotions (i.e., regulation of frustration & anger, anxiety).

Azza's clinic helps children and adolescents with a number of issues, which may include:

  • Social skills (e.g. play skills, conversational skills, dealing with conflict)
  • Emotional regulation (e.g. managing anger)
  • Anxiety management (i.e. teaching ways to think more positively)
  • Dealing with OCD (obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviours)
  • Tourette's Syndrome and Motor Tics
  • Sleeping issues or bed wetting
  • Dealing with Bullying or teasing
  • Assertiveness and building confidence
  • Friendship management
  • Fears and worries (e.g., phobias, social anxiety, separation anxiety, panic disorder)
  • Child and adolescent depression
  • Suicidal thoughts and self-harm behaviours
  • Behavioural problems (e.g., hyperactivity and attention difficulties, tantrums, oppositional behaviours)
  • Eating disorders or unhealthy eating patterns
  • Anger and aggressive behaviours
  • Dealing grief and loss
  • School refusal
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Disabilities (e.g. Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Fragile X)
  • Adjustment issues (e.g., coping with major life events such as separation and divorce, adjusting to parent re-partnering and step-families, or coping with a chronic or terminal illness)
  • The Impact of child abuse (e.g., sexual and physical abuse & neglect)
  • Childhood trauma (e.g., complex childhood trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder)

Other areas that we may help children and adolescents with may include:

  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Parenting concerns
  • Parent- child/ adolescent relationships
  • Coping with changes in family dynamics
  • Coping with loss or trauma
  • Specific issues that may arise due to Foster care, same sex parents, adoption families
  • Medicolegal reports regarding child and/or family court proceedings

At Azza's clinic, we work with the children, adolescents and their families. This involves working with the adults who are part of the young person's life. At times, the young person's presenting problem may lead the adults to develop stress and depression which can impact the relationships between members of the family, or their ability to manage their child's condition effectivelly. When this is the case, it is always recommended for the parent/ carer to seek individual psychological therapy to better assist them in dealing with their mental health.

At Azza's clinic, we have specific experienced psychologists who have the expertise in working, not only with children and adolescents but also with adults around common issues such as depression, anxiety, marital issues, parenting issues, parent child attachment issues, and trauma and grief. The individual sessions for the parent/ carer may provide them with the one on one counselling and therapy that they would benefit from, and a space for the disclosure of their own difficulties to a mental health professional